9 jan. 2010

Week 2 of the Art Journal Caravan

There is a new weekly parcel at scrapbookgraphics for the people who love the Art Journal Caravan:

image is linked to the store!

This is my weekly journal page for the second week. I absolutely LOVE Geninne's art blog and her style and used the birdie from her blog on this page.

image is linked!

main background, blue ephemera, paint splatter, calender tags, weekly brushes, painted clockparts, doodled wings, accept wordart from Parcel #2 by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton
ace card from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton
pink ATC background, bird quote from Merry Birdie ATC by Tangie Baxter

bird from Geninne's blog (http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/)

I am planning on printing this out and add some real elements and use it to show what I've done, achieved or learned.. or just a good quote or something. Will have to see.

I noticed how I always wanted to scrap for others, but how good I feel to finally start documenting for myself too. I always felt a little selffish (I have NO idea why, but I did) and I think I am going to LOVE this journal SO much when I look back at it in 1, 5, 10, 20 years. I think it will be a good lessonbook/treasure for others too.

It is SO good to feel this way, I am much more relaxed already, I can't believe how this Journey is making me feel so much better about who I am.

journaling: And make the best of it. I can only control a small part, so I have to let go and enjoy more. Love life.
size: 8x8

More to show tomorrow!


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