7 jan. 2010

I am a chicken!

Well it kinda is true..
I am a real chicken when we talk about daring, about showing off, about everything that is just a little over what "normal" people do.. I am sure always happy to stay on the safe, maybe even boring side. BUT!! There is a change coming! I feel it, I notice it in how I feel, how I want to live.


My word for 2010. I feel that this art journey is changing how I feel about me. It feels like I am reflecting on my behaviour and I know I want to chance. With that all in mind I created the following:

image is linked!


Journal Anthologie by Tangie Baxter

chicken body from The Ultimate art Doll Collection by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD


I can bring back my color, I know I can. I have the most amazing family, so I can do this! I will follow my heart. I will. The fancy chick is inside of me, I am done with the black and white.

Watch out for me! LOL


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  1. Mendy, Mendy - it feels so good when you know you want to break out of that shell - let yourself go - I know the feeling of feeling like it is going to bust out of you - go for it! YOur collage is beautiful -btw - journalling is a great way to let things out and just let yourself experiment!!! It's just like doodling so you don't worry about what it's going to turn out like - u just do it!