4 jan. 2010

Some more art journal..

So here are 2 more pages and a quote tag I created for my art journal. All inspired by the Art Journal Caravan at scrapbookgraphics.com.
First I want to show you this page, it is 8x8 and I think I will use it as either a cover or as my intro page.

image is linked!


caution stamp, journey wordart, compas, gear from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

Splatter from Parcel #1 by Tangie Baxter

words from ChipperChatter by Tangie Baxter

Alice stamp from Curious adventure stamps by Tangie Baxter

background from JunkYard by SherrieJD

heart card from Alice in wonderland ATC by SherrieJD

M is for mouse from the free vintage blog Thegraphicsfairy

I absolutely love how this turned out. It is all about who I am. Sometimes I feel like Alice, the words are a big part of my character and that mouse card is my absolute favorite! Not only does my name starts with the letter M, that description is ME!! I love it when pages just turn out the way you want them to be :)

I like different sizes of projects/layouts in my art journal to give it a more "messy" look (I really dont know if I mean messy, but it's the only word I can find right now) so I created this little tag. I will have some horizontal and some vertical ideas.

image is linked!


blue background from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

moonlightqueen from FairyQueens ATC by Tangie Baxter

wings from Red All Over ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

moon from nightmare by SherrieJD at scrapartist

watery brushes from Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals

I dont really know how to use colors, as you can see in my first 3 pages, so I had to force myself to use some. This paper by Amanda is so gorgeous, that I had to use it in the beautiful blue she made it. (normally my papers will all be transformes to a neutral/krafty color)

The quote of the week is the following:

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance. -Bruce Barton

How true is that. I searched for this confident woman in my stach and ofcourse Tangie Baxter has the most beautiful queens/fairies in her kits. I used this moonlightqueen from her ATC kit; FairyQueens and extracted a part of her to use on this tag. I blended and layered a lot of this image and added the watery brushes from Katie Pertiet on it. I love how it looks, it almost gives it this wrapped in Shiffon look.

Now onto my last page; here is my "life" art doll (again COLOR!!):

image is linked!


green background from Steamertrunk by tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

legs, skirt, corsage, mask from The Ultimate Art doll collection by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

chick, hat from Sunshine collection ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

fairy body from The bouncing bunnies by Lorie Davison

all scrapbookgraphics.com

dove from things with wings by SherrieJD

spatel from Collage Sheet Kitchy Kitschen by Sherrie JD at scrapartist

brushes from Passionaire by anna Aspnes and watery washes by Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals.com

Life stamp from The graphicsfairy blog

This was my first time creating an art doll and it was fun! will definately do it again! Although it looks like a happy doll, the journaling is kinda emotional for me. It tells about the layers of "perfectness" for everyone around me and loosing myself underneeth. It was how I felt yesterday. Today is going much better LOL We'll I guess we all have those days right?!

Here are the resembles:

chick balancing on my foot - my daughter

legs of the joker - feeling the need to entertain

pretty skirt - need to make myself pretty for my husband and to feel like a woman

mask - hiding myself

wings - the wish to fly and take off some days

dove - need to be a peace maker

spatel - need to be a perfect housewife

wide smile - hiding real emotions after an always bright smile


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  1. Hi - I lvoe your first journal page too - beautiful - stop by my blog today looks like we are working on journals at the same time - thanks for your nice comments on my brag monday submission!

  2. Very creative! I really love it and the colors are beautiful. Thanks for your nice comment. Happy New Year!

  3. Beautitful layout - I've yet to learn how to digi-scrap other than on a basic level, but that's part of the Art Journal Caravan journey . Thank you for your kind comments on my pages. Best wishes, Julie

  4. The Alice page is amazing, just incredible. Thank you so much for sharing this.