11 jan. 2010

Brag Monday

Yesterday Karen from The Graphics Fairy came over and send me a sweet message that she was going to use my ballerina page for her brag monday. I am so honored to be picked and also so thankful for all these AMAZING vintage images on her blog. It sure is like a candystore over there.

Please visit The Graphics Fairy (but only if you have time, because you will be spending some drooling time over there!! LOL)

Karen is not only a very generous person for taking the time to post a free image on her blog EVERY single day, but she also is such a sweetheart when we communicated through email.

Karen also picked out Karen from a scrapbook of inspiration for the brag monday this week, there is some AMAZING work on her blog! She paints a lot of things herself and makes some gorgeous artwork!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I just came from the Graphics Fairy site. You are right, she posts some great images. She also creates backgrounds for blogs and web sites, I use her bee image on mine. I really like what you did with the pictures you got from her. I am inspired to do a little more digital scrapping myself.

  2. Thank you for the link, this looks interesting, will be checking it out.