27 jan. 2010

One world, one heart

This giveaway is closed. I will announce winners later today. Thank you all for your comments!
image is linked!

One World One Heart, one fantastic trip to a magical place of creativity and give aways. Lisa of the blog, A Whimsical Bohemian, is having her annual link up starting today. If you have not experienced this phenomenon, let me be the one to tell you that it is one amazing inspiring trip!

See I was following almost all the blogs who entered this AMAZING giveaway thinking I was too late to join and giveaway something myself, but it seems I am NOT too late!! Thank you so much Jingle for the heads up!

So I was thinking about something that I could give away and while browsing my digital art I found this one I just finished a day ago.

It is called " Take time to grow into the flower you are"

I will give away a 5x7 photo copy to five people who comment on this post.

This is a give away for bloggers only!

Please have a blogger account so I can contact you if the random generator picks you to be a winner.
This giveaway ends on february 14th at midnight CET.
The winners will be posted at Febraury 15th.

Click on the Magic carpet to go to the list of all participants. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your magic carpet ride!

Thanks for all your comments!

xo Mendy

Did you see this? OMG!!! I visited a lot of blogs already and found loads AMAZING inspiring people. I love all the creations the are giving away.
Ofcourse I would love to win, but the most important thing is to find more friends, to find inspiration, to find some treasures.. and gosh have I found some treasures!! I am so happy I found this. I am bummed tat I am too late to join, but I will go and create as soon as I have all my stuff, for next year already! So watch me, because I will go and join next year!!
For more information about this supercool and fun event visit this: blog.

24 jan. 2010


Some time to post again, I've been busy!!! Good busy!
Busy creating, busy with the artjournal blog, busy being a mom.. busy with all good things.. and I love it! I can really feel the difference, I love feeling all that positive energy again!

MY MOLESKINE!!! It's here!! It's really pretty.. well.. it's black, I luvvvvv black.. It is so soft and charming. I love it.. Now I am too scared to start in it! LOL :)
Since I decided I wanted to go all the way into my art journal I begged for a little spot for myself, not just a kitchentable, but a REAL corner with a desk and a closet.. So we are busy getting that ready.. will have to wait a little month for the finances and stuff, but I am just so happy that I get my own little place to create!

In the meantime I am still playing digitally OFCOURSE!

Here are my latest pages..

This is a page for my art journal using all products by SherrieJD.

All sherrieJD at Scrapartist.com
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Chalk
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Ink
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Labels
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Papers (blended 4 of them)
Junk Yard

journaling is.. well it's just some blurb of my jealousy of those "perfect" people. Well people that seem to live that perfect life and how not everything is what it seems and that they have their pains too..

The next page is card for the Altered hearts challeng over at scrapartist.com.

flower deck card from the altered hearts freebie
everything else from Enchanted Art Box by SherrieJD and Tangie Baxter.
at scrapartist.com

Replenish the well.. enjoy nature walk, enjoy the feel of freedom and my surrounding. learn from animals and natures beauty. Feeling the peace in my heart and the wind through my hair.. that sure will help me to have me calm down and relax.

The next card is for the new week on the Art Journal Caravan journey. This page was kinda hard because I am still scared of color! I really am!!! I feel so out of the box, but hey.. PLAY is the word, so PLAY what was I did!!

Parcel 4 by Tangie Baxter
backgroundpaper from Parcel 1 by Tangie
Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com

I am SO loving the parcels and all of the amazing inspiring artists who are traveling the journey!!

Hi my name is.. WHAT?.. my name is.. WHAT?.. my name is.. LOL This song is stuck in my head and is driving me CRAZY!!!
This is for the challenge at scrapbookgraphics.com. Making an ATC card with the subject 'Hello, my name is.."

Hi, my name is...

everything from Alternative ATC kit by Ruby Rynne available at scrapbookgraphics.com

Well I am a BIG chatterbox, can be a red crabby somedays, am a really big supporter for corsets, I am scared for much color, but really love yellow, I should wear glasses, but I dont like them, I love luxury, but cant afford so just talk about it, I always tend to be a bit clowny around others and love flourishes..

me in a nutshell!

Time to go to bed early.. so tired and another day tomorrow! Good night!

16 jan. 2010

Some shopping!

I did it! I actually did it!

So I was not really happy with where my art journal was heading too.. I wanted more, I wanted to get everything all out.. (I'm still doubting this is the right time with a baby due in 1.5 months, but I just cant wait)

So I ordered my first Moleskine and I am trying to begin a real life touchable full of texture art journal..
Look how beautiful it is:

I am SO excited!!

I bought the 1000 Journal Pages by Dawn de Vries Sokol too.

Now I have to wait 7 businessdays.. yikes! Way too long!!

*tick tock tick tock*

14 jan. 2010

Life lessons

Tangie Baxter and Molly DeCrow are sisters and perfect partners in crime for creating digital scrapbook kits. Their new kit Dark Room is coming out VERY soon at scrapbookgraphics.com and fits PERFECTLY with the new PArcel #3 coming our VERY soon too.. LOL :)

image is linked!


Dark Room collab by Tangie Baxter/Molly DeCrow at scrapbookgraphics.com

This is the page I made. I will go hybrid with this one VERY ;) soon too. For now, the digital versions suits me fine. I will put some things that are important for me and about me in the envelope and do some own painting and doodling when I am ready for it.

Thanks for all the sweet comment ladies, they are VERY much appreciated! hugs!

13 jan. 2010

Meet "tutu"..

The inspiration blog for next week on the Art Journal Caravan is the blog from Ann Wood and OMG she is amazing. The things she makes, the things she saves, the things she buys.. I luvvvvv it!

So when the word next week was the word "mend" I just had to jump in and make something fun. So because of my beginning obsession of ballerina's I decided to give it a go. i am aware that next week didn't start yet LOL but I was too excited!!

I was kinda scared at first because it was my first time creating something with fabrics, my first time sewing EVER, so I really had nothing by hand that I could use.

It all started with this;

An old scarf I didn't use any more.. I thought it would be a good body color for "tutu" so I gave it a go. Searched for a ballerina pattern online and started cutting and sewing.. handsewing, gosh.. it took me forever and my hand was cramping and beginning to feel sore because of the needle.

After 1 night it started to look like this:

And after another day intense sweing it looked like this:

At first I loved her, then I really didnt like the way she looked, but I am quite pleased with "tutu" right now.. I cut the lace from a nightgown I got from my grandmother that was in the back in my closet. I used some pantyhose for the waistband and the hair ties and a little light pink fabric from a fabric napkin I found in a box. The black hair is from a very thick wool..

Now the only thing is.... she is too big for my art album..

So I have no idea what to do with "tutu" yet..
Love to know what you think of her!


11 jan. 2010

Do you like candy?

Well I sure do!!
I was browsing some blogs today and found out that a lot of them is offering blog candy! How fun would it be to just comment because you love what they do and win something too?

If you are hungry for some serious candy follow these links:

and if you are REALLY hungry go follow the blog hop at the new blog from Paper Sundaes, some amazing goodies to win if you comment and follow the blog!
Go check it out:

Brag Monday

Yesterday Karen from The Graphics Fairy came over and send me a sweet message that she was going to use my ballerina page for her brag monday. I am so honored to be picked and also so thankful for all these AMAZING vintage images on her blog. It sure is like a candystore over there.

Please visit The Graphics Fairy (but only if you have time, because you will be spending some drooling time over there!! LOL)

Karen is not only a very generous person for taking the time to post a free image on her blog EVERY single day, but she also is such a sweetheart when we communicated through email.

Karen also picked out Karen from a scrapbook of inspiration for the brag monday this week, there is some AMAZING work on her blog! She paints a lot of things herself and makes some gorgeous artwork!

10 jan. 2010

Choices.. it's all about choices.

Isn't that so very true? It is all about choices in life. I had to create something about not always having to choose the perfect thing. It's ok as long as you stand behind what you choose.

image is linked!


accept wordart, accept quote from Parcel #2 by Tangie Baxter
color wheel card, crown, paint splatter, red fish from journal anthologie by Tangie Baxter
background paper made from red journalbox paper from Red all over ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD
script card, davinci lady, tags, labels, hands from brown sugar ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD
dress form, bird cage, hand, bird, body from the Ultimate Art doll Collection by Tangie BAxter/SherrieJD
at scrapbookgraphics.com

rose from Cows in the Corn
mini chef from Cordial Thanks
strawberry from collage sheet Kitschy kitchen
by SherrieJD at scrapartist

alpha from Messy Foamy stamps by Traci Reed

I think this second week on the Journal caravan is helping me to finally get some things about the choices I make. I absolutely loved making this collage feeling page. It was hard at first because I am not good at doing unorganized, but pretty happy how it turned out!

Off to do some new art journaling!

Thank you for your comments, they are very appreciated.


9 jan. 2010

Week 2 of the Art Journal Caravan

There is a new weekly parcel at scrapbookgraphics for the people who love the Art Journal Caravan:

image is linked to the store!

This is my weekly journal page for the second week. I absolutely LOVE Geninne's art blog and her style and used the birdie from her blog on this page.

image is linked!

main background, blue ephemera, paint splatter, calender tags, weekly brushes, painted clockparts, doodled wings, accept wordart from Parcel #2 by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton
ace card from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton
pink ATC background, bird quote from Merry Birdie ATC by Tangie Baxter

bird from Geninne's blog (http://blogdelanine.blogspot.com/)

I am planning on printing this out and add some real elements and use it to show what I've done, achieved or learned.. or just a good quote or something. Will have to see.

I noticed how I always wanted to scrap for others, but how good I feel to finally start documenting for myself too. I always felt a little selffish (I have NO idea why, but I did) and I think I am going to LOVE this journal SO much when I look back at it in 1, 5, 10, 20 years. I think it will be a good lessonbook/treasure for others too.

It is SO good to feel this way, I am much more relaxed already, I can't believe how this Journey is making me feel so much better about who I am.

journaling: And make the best of it. I can only control a small part, so I have to let go and enjoy more. Love life.
size: 8x8

More to show tomorrow!


8 jan. 2010

I am getting published!

Can you believe it?! OMG!! I am getting published with my "Life" and "Believe" layouts in the Sumerset Digital Studio Magazine. The first 2 pages I made for my art journal. I am SO happy and excited and also SO thankful to be on Tangie's CT and for being able to join the Art Journal Caravan.

Oh gosh, this night is going to be a perfect night!!

7 jan. 2010

I am a chicken!

Well it kinda is true..
I am a real chicken when we talk about daring, about showing off, about everything that is just a little over what "normal" people do.. I am sure always happy to stay on the safe, maybe even boring side. BUT!! There is a change coming! I feel it, I notice it in how I feel, how I want to live.


My word for 2010. I feel that this art journey is changing how I feel about me. It feels like I am reflecting on my behaviour and I know I want to chance. With that all in mind I created the following:

image is linked!


Journal Anthologie by Tangie Baxter

chicken body from The Ultimate art Doll Collection by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD


I can bring back my color, I know I can. I have the most amazing family, so I can do this! I will follow my heart. I will. The fancy chick is inside of me, I am done with the black and white.

Watch out for me! LOL


4 jan. 2010

Some more art journal..

So here are 2 more pages and a quote tag I created for my art journal. All inspired by the Art Journal Caravan at scrapbookgraphics.com.
First I want to show you this page, it is 8x8 and I think I will use it as either a cover or as my intro page.

image is linked!


caution stamp, journey wordart, compas, gear from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

Splatter from Parcel #1 by Tangie Baxter

words from ChipperChatter by Tangie Baxter

Alice stamp from Curious adventure stamps by Tangie Baxter

background from JunkYard by SherrieJD

heart card from Alice in wonderland ATC by SherrieJD

M is for mouse from the free vintage blog Thegraphicsfairy

I absolutely love how this turned out. It is all about who I am. Sometimes I feel like Alice, the words are a big part of my character and that mouse card is my absolute favorite! Not only does my name starts with the letter M, that description is ME!! I love it when pages just turn out the way you want them to be :)

I like different sizes of projects/layouts in my art journal to give it a more "messy" look (I really dont know if I mean messy, but it's the only word I can find right now) so I created this little tag. I will have some horizontal and some vertical ideas.

image is linked!


blue background from Steamertrunk by Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

moonlightqueen from FairyQueens ATC by Tangie Baxter

wings from Red All Over ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

moon from nightmare by SherrieJD at scrapartist

watery brushes from Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals

I dont really know how to use colors, as you can see in my first 3 pages, so I had to force myself to use some. This paper by Amanda is so gorgeous, that I had to use it in the beautiful blue she made it. (normally my papers will all be transformes to a neutral/krafty color)

The quote of the week is the following:

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance. -Bruce Barton

How true is that. I searched for this confident woman in my stach and ofcourse Tangie Baxter has the most beautiful queens/fairies in her kits. I used this moonlightqueen from her ATC kit; FairyQueens and extracted a part of her to use on this tag. I blended and layered a lot of this image and added the watery brushes from Katie Pertiet on it. I love how it looks, it almost gives it this wrapped in Shiffon look.

Now onto my last page; here is my "life" art doll (again COLOR!!):

image is linked!


green background from Steamertrunk by tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton

legs, skirt, corsage, mask from The Ultimate Art doll collection by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

chick, hat from Sunshine collection ATC by Tangie Baxter/SherrieJD

fairy body from The bouncing bunnies by Lorie Davison

all scrapbookgraphics.com

dove from things with wings by SherrieJD

spatel from Collage Sheet Kitchy Kitschen by Sherrie JD at scrapartist

brushes from Passionaire by anna Aspnes and watery washes by Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals.com

Life stamp from The graphicsfairy blog

This was my first time creating an art doll and it was fun! will definately do it again! Although it looks like a happy doll, the journaling is kinda emotional for me. It tells about the layers of "perfectness" for everyone around me and loosing myself underneeth. It was how I felt yesterday. Today is going much better LOL We'll I guess we all have those days right?!

Here are the resembles:

chick balancing on my foot - my daughter

legs of the joker - feeling the need to entertain

pretty skirt - need to make myself pretty for my husband and to feel like a woman

mask - hiding myself

wings - the wish to fly and take off some days

dove - need to be a peace maker

spatel - need to be a perfect housewife

wide smile - hiding real emotions after an always bright smile


Brag Monday

I am browsing the Graphics Fairy blog for a while now and am saving all the amazing free art to my special file on my computer with so much love. I can't wait to use ALL of these mages, for now I used the beautiful ballerina image for my Art Journal page.

I had so much fun making this page. I first extracted the silhouette from the ballerina card you can find here:

image is linked!

When cut out I copied the cutout and painted it all black to use it as a mask for my other cliparts. I loved the winged hour glass and the Minuet card and it fits so perfect with what I want to tell/show in this card.
So I am linking this post to The Graphics Fairy blog for the brag monday, you should check it out for sure! On my way to check out all the other art for the brag monday!

The first week..

The first week just started friday with the new information and some INCREDIBLE inspiration.

First we are choosing a word for the year. My word wil be LIFE. I will add some journaling to it, but probably on a seperate paper or tag. I wrote the following: One little word for 2010; life. To enjoy life, to respect life, to treasure life, to live life. The moment to forget, forgive, let go and enjoy.

It will be a hard road for sure, but I am so super excited and can't wait to go hybrid with my digital pages. For now, this is my 100% digital page.

image is linked!


Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton at scrapbookgraphics.com

backgroundlayers from Steamertrunk collages

ace card from Steamertrunk elements

stamped diecut, paintsplatter, no1 card from Parcel #1

winged hour glass, life stamp, minuet card, ballerina from The Vintage Fairy blog

(she got AMAZING free vintage elements on her blog)

My second page is for the challenge to use the word believe in one of the ways you want.

This was kinda hard for me, I have a very hard time to believe in myself and what I can achieve. i had a lot of good feelings while making this so it turned out pretty good emotionally. I love how the card turned out.

image is linked!


Tangie Baxter/Amanda Sexton at scrapbookgraphics.com

backgroundpaper from Steamertrunk

woman, believe wordart, renewal tag from Parcel #1

butterflies from artist sheet 992

SherrieJD at scrapartist:

blue bird, tag and ribbon from JunkYard

Thats it for now! Will update more pages soon.


I am joing the journey!

Isn't it amazing? An art journal journey for only $29.95 including a $10 dollar gift card to Stusio Tangie!!

I am so honored to be on Tangie's CT team. Not only is she an amazing sweet and caring person, she also is SO incredibly talented. This journey with Amanda is going to be one amazing experience.

Well I am joining for sure, so should you! Discover yourself!