15 feb. 2010

OWOH winners!!

It's Feb. 15. Time to announce the 5 winners of my giveaway.

First let me thank ALL of you for your wonderful sweet comments. I loved to read every single one of them.

Now it's up to random generator to pick the 5 people who won.
Here are the 5 numbers and here are the people behind the numbers:

# 177
Lola zei
This is GORGEOUS! Love, luv, LOVE it! Visit me (#874) for an Angel Card Reading giveaway.

# 24
Maminka Girl - Loribeth zei
Love the work...wish I knew more about digital art work. Enter me in and thanks for visiting my blog today.

# 81
Bleubeard and Elizabeth zei
I can't believe what you can do with digital. This is gorgeous. I'm #79 on the magic carpet ride.

# 186
Kathy L zei
Oh how cool is that! Please enter me. I love the saying! K

# 181
karenm zei
Hi from Ireland. Please count me in.


I wish I could give all of you something.. maybe next year!
I will contact the 5 people listed and send of the copies asap!

xo Mendy

1 feb. 2010

The zine is out!

It's time again to sit back, relax and enjoy some great altered journal pages!! The january Altered Hearts is out! Go check it out here! It's filled with amazing inspiration!

To remember:
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27 jan. 2010

One world, one heart

This giveaway is closed. I will announce winners later today. Thank you all for your comments!
image is linked!

One World One Heart, one fantastic trip to a magical place of creativity and give aways. Lisa of the blog, A Whimsical Bohemian, is having her annual link up starting today. If you have not experienced this phenomenon, let me be the one to tell you that it is one amazing inspiring trip!

See I was following almost all the blogs who entered this AMAZING giveaway thinking I was too late to join and giveaway something myself, but it seems I am NOT too late!! Thank you so much Jingle for the heads up!

So I was thinking about something that I could give away and while browsing my digital art I found this one I just finished a day ago.

It is called " Take time to grow into the flower you are"

I will give away a 5x7 photo copy to five people who comment on this post.

This is a give away for bloggers only!

Please have a blogger account so I can contact you if the random generator picks you to be a winner.
This giveaway ends on february 14th at midnight CET.
The winners will be posted at Febraury 15th.

Click on the Magic carpet to go to the list of all participants. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your magic carpet ride!

Thanks for all your comments!

xo Mendy

Did you see this? OMG!!! I visited a lot of blogs already and found loads AMAZING inspiring people. I love all the creations the are giving away.
Ofcourse I would love to win, but the most important thing is to find more friends, to find inspiration, to find some treasures.. and gosh have I found some treasures!! I am so happy I found this. I am bummed tat I am too late to join, but I will go and create as soon as I have all my stuff, for next year already! So watch me, because I will go and join next year!!
For more information about this supercool and fun event visit this: blog.

24 jan. 2010


Some time to post again, I've been busy!!! Good busy!
Busy creating, busy with the artjournal blog, busy being a mom.. busy with all good things.. and I love it! I can really feel the difference, I love feeling all that positive energy again!

MY MOLESKINE!!! It's here!! It's really pretty.. well.. it's black, I luvvvvv black.. It is so soft and charming. I love it.. Now I am too scared to start in it! LOL :)
Since I decided I wanted to go all the way into my art journal I begged for a little spot for myself, not just a kitchentable, but a REAL corner with a desk and a closet.. So we are busy getting that ready.. will have to wait a little month for the finances and stuff, but I am just so happy that I get my own little place to create!

In the meantime I am still playing digitally OFCOURSE!

Here are my latest pages..

This is a page for my art journal using all products by SherrieJD.

All sherrieJD at Scrapartist.com
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Chalk
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Ink
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Labels
ARTist to ARTist Bad Fog Papers (blended 4 of them)
Junk Yard

journaling is.. well it's just some blurb of my jealousy of those "perfect" people. Well people that seem to live that perfect life and how not everything is what it seems and that they have their pains too..

The next page is card for the Altered hearts challeng over at scrapartist.com.

flower deck card from the altered hearts freebie
everything else from Enchanted Art Box by SherrieJD and Tangie Baxter.
at scrapartist.com

Replenish the well.. enjoy nature walk, enjoy the feel of freedom and my surrounding. learn from animals and natures beauty. Feeling the peace in my heart and the wind through my hair.. that sure will help me to have me calm down and relax.

The next card is for the new week on the Art Journal Caravan journey. This page was kinda hard because I am still scared of color! I really am!!! I feel so out of the box, but hey.. PLAY is the word, so PLAY what was I did!!

Parcel 4 by Tangie Baxter
backgroundpaper from Parcel 1 by Tangie
Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com

I am SO loving the parcels and all of the amazing inspiring artists who are traveling the journey!!

Hi my name is.. WHAT?.. my name is.. WHAT?.. my name is.. LOL This song is stuck in my head and is driving me CRAZY!!!
This is for the challenge at scrapbookgraphics.com. Making an ATC card with the subject 'Hello, my name is.."

Hi, my name is...

everything from Alternative ATC kit by Ruby Rynne available at scrapbookgraphics.com

Well I am a BIG chatterbox, can be a red crabby somedays, am a really big supporter for corsets, I am scared for much color, but really love yellow, I should wear glasses, but I dont like them, I love luxury, but cant afford so just talk about it, I always tend to be a bit clowny around others and love flourishes..

me in a nutshell!

Time to go to bed early.. so tired and another day tomorrow! Good night!

16 jan. 2010

Some shopping!

I did it! I actually did it!

So I was not really happy with where my art journal was heading too.. I wanted more, I wanted to get everything all out.. (I'm still doubting this is the right time with a baby due in 1.5 months, but I just cant wait)

So I ordered my first Moleskine and I am trying to begin a real life touchable full of texture art journal..
Look how beautiful it is:

I am SO excited!!

I bought the 1000 Journal Pages by Dawn de Vries Sokol too.

Now I have to wait 7 businessdays.. yikes! Way too long!!

*tick tock tick tock*

14 jan. 2010

Life lessons

Tangie Baxter and Molly DeCrow are sisters and perfect partners in crime for creating digital scrapbook kits. Their new kit Dark Room is coming out VERY soon at scrapbookgraphics.com and fits PERFECTLY with the new PArcel #3 coming our VERY soon too.. LOL :)

image is linked!


Dark Room collab by Tangie Baxter/Molly DeCrow at scrapbookgraphics.com

This is the page I made. I will go hybrid with this one VERY ;) soon too. For now, the digital versions suits me fine. I will put some things that are important for me and about me in the envelope and do some own painting and doodling when I am ready for it.

Thanks for all the sweet comment ladies, they are VERY much appreciated! hugs!